Selected Photos

My passion is nature. I have stood in wonder and in awe, watching the beauty of the world!

Communing with nature brings peace and tranquility to my soul. Photography provides me the artistic platform to share that peace and tranquility with my audience.

When I photograph landscapes, I prefer to capture smaller, more intimate landscapes. When I discover a scene, I study it to understand the natural and/or human forces that act upon it. I observe the sky and think about the forces of climate and weather and how they are impacting it. I find and focus on an actor, animate or inanimate, so that I can depict its interaction with that landscape. I look for the small details like wet stones along a river, glistening vegetation, the habitat supporting wildlife and the mix of textures and colors that that create the patterns of nature. I try to craft a composition that will entice the audience to linger and to find their story. I want them to imagine themselves experiencing the sights, the sounds and the feeling as if they were there. To give them a few moments respite from their everyday world.

When I photograph wildlife, I prefer to capture them interacting with their natural habitat. I watch and wait, attempting to make a composition that gives the context of their environment, while performing some action that shows how they live. I want my audience to linger and see things they never saw before. I want them to appreciate the subjects role in its environment.