• Solitude

    Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park, FEB 2013. Awards: Blue Ribbon, Sacramento County Fair, May 2013. Special Merit, Light, Space and Time Online Gallery 2013 Landscape competition. Finalist, Photographer's Forum 2014 Best of Photography Competition.

  • Petrified by a Hard Place

    Bobbysox trees on a hillside at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone, WY. FEB 2013 Awards: Honorable Mention: Magnum Opus Show, Sacramento Fine Arts Center. JUL 2013. Honorable Mention, Sacramento County Fair 2013

  • Brightening the Gloom

    Great Basin National Park, NV, OCT 2015 We are accustomed to seeing the fall foliage on brigt sunny days that make the yellow and orange aspens gliimer against their white bark and the blue sky. But their beauty isn't limited to the sunshine. They can brighten the gloomiest early winter morning. Special Merit Award, Light, Space & Time Online Gallery 2016 Landscape Competition

  • The Steadfast Bristlecone Pine

    Great Basin National Park, NV, OCT 2015 It was early October; for most of us, winter was still on the horizon. But for the bristlecone pine, living above 11,000 feet, winter comes early. The cloud cover over Wheeler Peak was, in fact, bringing an early winter storm. There was sulshy snow on the ground in some areas, the mountin top was shrouded with fog and we were treated to intermittnt periods of sleet and rain. But our visit was temporary. The Bristlecone Pine is thousands of years old. These conditions are part of teh life for this tough, reilient creature.

  • Rivulet

    Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone, FEB 2013

  • Gentle Flume

    Flume flowing softly among the autumn foliage. Stilling the soul with its gentle wash. Awards: Special Merit, Light Space and Time Online Gallery Open Competition, November 2014. First Place, Photography, Folsom Arts Association Member Show, NOV 2015

  • Staircases

    Staircases, W Park Ave at Drayton ST, Savannah, GA, JUN 2015 Awards: One of Fujifilm Cameras Best of the Week July 3, 2015, Special Merit, Light, Space, Time Online Gallery Cityscapes, JAN 2016. Silver Selection, North Valley Art League International Juried Photography Show.

  • Among the Elders

    Giant Sequoia Sapling, Sequoia National Park, OCT 2014 Awards: 2nd Place, Photography, Folsom Arts Member Show AUG 2016. 3rd Place, Landscapes, Lodi Community Art Center Photography Show, FEB 2016. Finalist, Photographer's Forum Spring Photography Competition, 2015. Color version haning in Adventis Health Corp HQ, Roseville, CA

  • Wildebeest (Gnu) - P4

    Kruger National Park, South Africa, AUG 2016 Awards: Special Merit, Light, Space and Time Online Gallery Photography 2016

  • Ancient Walls - Perspective 2

    Grand Canyon National Park, MAY 2016

  • Gray Heron

    Kruger National Park, South Africa, AUG 2016

I have stood in wonder and in awe, watching the beauty of the world! Communing with nature brings peace and tranquility to my soul. Photography provides me the artistic platform to share that peace and tranquility with my audience.

My passion is landscapes. I prefer to capture smaller, more intimate landscapes. When I discover a scene, I study it to understand the natural and/or human forces that act upon it. I observe the sky and think about the forces of climate and weather and how they are impacting it. I find and focus on an actor, animate or inanimate, so that I can depict its interaction with that landscape. I look for the small details like wet stones along a river, glistening vegetation, the habitat supporting wildlife and the mix of textures and colors that that create the patterns of nature. I try to craft a composition that will entice the audience to linger and to find their story. I want them to imagine themselves experiencing the sights, the sounds and the feeling as if they were there. To give them a few moments respite from their everyday world.

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